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Marketing Strategy

I specialize in optimizing websites for small to medium sized businesses and startups alike. There are ways you should and should not be spending marketing dollars... I know the difference and can make sure you do, too. 


I also work with creative and marketing teams to streamline processes and make companies run more efficiently. After all, I'm a rule-following project manager with a science background that loves to write. I'm good with all kinds of folks.

(see writing sample as proof)  

Whether it's SEO, social media, or your website just needs an overhaul, I can help you meet your marketing goals.

Marketing Strategy


I write all kinds of things... blogs, books, handwritten birthday cards. I also write copy for websites. There isn't an industry I haven't been exposed to over the last eight years. Plus, I've worked in online marketing so I know what sells (and what flops). 

I'm an all in one marketing gadget. Like a swiss army knife for your website.



You might have a website, you might not. Most businesses know they need an online presence. But what's the best way to get one?

That's where I come in. Let's get the right technology for your company, the right design for your customers and the right developer for your budget.


How This Works:

  1. We talk through your goals, audience and online needs.

  2. I do a thorough assessment of your online presence and make recommendations, big and small.

  3. You decide what you want to execute on.

  4. I work with you, your team, and anyone else you need to meet your goals. 

  5. You smile at your success.

How This Works
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